Gamers Encounter The Last Of Us Save Glitch

‘Auto-saving, please wait… forever…’

A bizarre save glitch that’s causing people to lose hours of gaming in the newly released The Last Of Us has suddenly emerged.

Unclear if it’s the cause of a launch day patch, gamers are experiencing a stuck ‘autosave’ that won’t allow them to manually save, or exit, the game from the menu. While it’s possible to continue playing through the game, none of your progress is saved.

Users on NeoGAF have reported that bringing up the menu to see an auto-save report like ‘less than 1 minute ago’, means all is well with your saves. However, if ‘autosaving, please wait…’ appears and remains there for any length of time, there’s no point continuing. Gamers can exit the game entirely using the PS button on the controller, which will reboot the console. Manual saves shouldn’t be corrupted, but any progress you’ve made since the auto-save glitch will have to be redone. Source: WE JUST HAD TO REPLAY 45 MINUTES, ARGHGHH.

The cinematic adventure was released today exclusively for PS3 and there’s no news yet as to whether Naughty Dog will issue another patch to fix it or if today’s patch caused it. Regardless, it won’t stop us ploughing through. What a beast of a game!

*EDIT* IGN have reported that the problem may have something to do with being connected to PlayStation Network - apparently staying offline while playing will solve the issue even with the day one patch installed. Others have deleted the patch to keep auto-save working.