Givers: ‘We Aren’t Perfectly Happy All The Time…’

Aurora Mitchell catches up with Givers’ frontwoman Tiffany.

‘In Light’ is the debut album from the five piece Louisiana based indie pop band Givers. Although they’ve only just been given their time to shine in the UK, it’s hard to ignore the positive energy that surrounds a band enjoying what they’re doing. From energetic live shows to the positively upbeat single ‘Up Up Up’, Givers are a band showing everyone else how to have fun the right way. We talk to frontwoman Tiffany about unheard material, high profile remixes and their upcoming tour.

Your debut album ‘In Light’ has recently been released in the UK, what was the recording process like?
Well, we spent the prior months demoing out and re-arranging songs in preparation. Then we got to go record out in Maurice, LA at Dockside Studios which is a magical, swampy, historical place. It was a beautiful experience.

Are there any songs that didn’t make it on the album that you plan to let people hear at some point?
We have a couple that we would love to record and give them their chance to breathe in this world. We play one of them live and plan on recording them at some point.

How did you come up with concepts for the artwork?
It was a lot of conceptualising what could represent the music contained inside the CD case. It’s a strange/mysterious part of working on an album. We went to a lot of record stores and took pictures of art that captivated us, got inspired, and we collaborated artistic efforts with Rob Carmichael of Seen Studios. 

‘In Light’ was released in the US in June, was it a conscious decision to release the album later in the UK? If so, what was the thought process behind that?
We wanted to lay the foundation properly over there before just jumping into that field. We had never been there before so we took a trip first. 

What made you choose ‘Up Up Up’ as the lead single for the album? How did you feel about how it was received?
By the end of mixing and mastering, it felt as if that were the only choice speaking out. It had gotten the most attention of all the tracks on the EP, and we felt it was a song with enough diversity to represent us for the first time as a whole. Of course, when you take it out of the context from the whole album it’s not the same but we feel it provided the opening channel. And it seems it’s done just that. 

How do you tackle the songwriting process as a band?
As a band we tend to naturally yearn to just play with each other. Sometimes we will record these improvised ideas and then develop them later, other times- one of us will bring an idea that was developed at home to the group and we will expand it. It’s all about collaborating and evolving as a group. 

Your music has a positive atmosphere to it, does that reflect on you as people?
Positivity is something that was beginning to be lost in this day and age we feel. It’s easier in a way to be comfortably sad/depressed and that’s maybe even thought of as ‘cool’. That doesn’t provide anyone a stable platform to grow on. We aren’t perfectly happy all the time but to maintain a sense of positivity and ambition is important to us as a group and individually. We’ve taken on the hardship of looking inward and casting out things that make us miserable in ourselves to get to the good stuff - I’d only want to inspire others to reflect on that because it’s a much more grounded way to live. Who wants to live in death all the time?

Bombay Bicycle Club have remixed ‘Meantime’ and CSS have remixed ‘Up Up Up’, how did these remixes come about?
Finding a remix we all resonate with is always a challenge. We’ve had some of our people reach out to artists we respect to connect in that manner and sometimes they come to us on their own so maybe that’s how. 

What, in your opinion, makes a good remix?
There’s so much freedom in doing a remix that I think being free in the arrangement and manipulation of tones and sounds is what really makes for a solid remix. I wanna hear someone interpret our music in their own style, not just make it into a mundane dance/club mix with the same song layout. To do a remix is to recreate art - so ones that have obvious personal expression are always my favorites. 

You’re coming to the UK in November for a series of shows, what can we expect from your live performance?
Well we love to tour so getting to go overseas to do what we love is very endearing to us. Therefore, release expectations and just be there in the moment and enjoy it with us. You can expect us to do the same.

What’s the strangest comparison you’ve received?
I guess comparisons are only weird if the person giving you the information is saying it strangely, get my drift? We’ve been told we sound similar to someone abstract to us - but if they’re smiling and excited when saying so then I guess it’s not so strange. 

Finally, what’s in store for Givers this winter?
We may have a couple dates here and there but mostly quality family time, new material developing, and a NYE (TBA) bash.

Givers’ debut album ‘In Light’ is out now via Glassnote.