Hooded Fang Reveal Details Of Third Studio Album: ‘It’s Called ‘Gravez’!’

‘Gravez’ is planned for March 2013 release.

Hooded Fang have revealed some details of their third studio album ‘Gravez’ (pronounced Graves), which will be released spring 2013.

Talking to Elise Cobain of DIY Radio before their headline gig at the London Lexington yesterday (8th November), they discussed their previous work and explained that they had recorded the new album just before their current tour.

‘So it’s done now, pretty much and then it just has to go through all the motions and come out in the spring,’ they told us, before going on to discuss the album’s title and significance which was decided earlier this week: ‘It’s called ‘Gravez’. We have a ‘z’ on the end of it. Z’s on the end of Canadian things are really hypo.’

The band are still to play in the UK and Ireland before returning home to celebrate the festive season, however, judging from yesterday’s conversation they will return for the UK festival season in 2013 to promote their new work.

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