Huey Morgan Talks BBC 6 Music Show, New Album

DIY Radio’s Nathan Copelin tracks down BBC Radio host and Fun Lovin’ Criminals fontman, Huey Morgan.

BBC Radio 2 host and Fun Lovin’ Criminals fontman Huey Morgan has done a lot in his time. Musical accolades aside, with The Huey Show - which started on BBC Radio 6 Music in 2008, and won a Bronze Award at the 2009 Sony Radio Academy Awards - he pioneered a more diverse output, encouraging the station to dip into previously uncharted waters.

‘6 Music was predominantly a white indie rock station when I first got there five or six years ago,’ he recently explained to DIY Radio host Nathan Copelin, ‘and I walked past Radcliffe and Maconie the other day and they were playing ‘Rapper’s Delight’ on their show, and I was like ‘They would never have done that if it wasn’t for The Huey Show!”

He’s also not long released his debut album with Huey And The New Yorkers. ‘You can’t really say the record is ‘this’, because there’s all types of stuff, just like my radio shows. There’s Funk, there’s rock, there’s country, there’s blues. There’s all kinds of stuff, and it all comes from the heart.’

Described by Morgan himself as a grown up album about other grown ups, for other grown ups, he’s - once again - doing exactly what he wants. ‘We’re not trying to keep up with the times and make music like Katy Perry, god forbid.’

Hear the full interview on Nathan Copelin’s DIY Radio show at 6pm today (11th January). Huey And The New Yorkers’ debut album ‘Say It To My Face’ is out now via Naim Edge Records.