James Levy & The Blood Red Rose - Pray To Be Free

Hear the record in full with an exclusive track by track guide from James himself.

We do like to premiere an album stream here at DIY, and in our second exclusive stream of the week, we’re bringing you the forthcoming James Levy & The Blood Red Rose album ‘Pray To Be Free’.

James Levy, partnered with Alison Pierce, premiered the first track from the album ‘Sneak Into My Room’ earlier this month but now you can hear the record in full, as well as an exclusive track by track guide from James, below.

‘Pray To Be Free’ was produced by Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman and will be released via Heavenly Recordings on Monday.

1. Sneak Into My Room
This is a song about infidelity? Or just having a really good time! Or both.

2. Give Me Happiness
When you always want more out if life, and are trying to battle your demons at the same time.

3. Cryin’ To The River
This is about a friend who died and having to tell their family.

4. Hung To Dry
I have no idea what this is about. But if I had to guess, it would be about wronging and losing a friend.

5. Pray To Be Free
When love and jealousy consumes every part of your thoughts.

6. Holy Water
When a loved one dies, you go through the process of guilt and anger. You hate them in some way.

7. Keep My Baby
Abortion, heartbreak, and relationships.

8. Positively East Broadway
When you know your lover is going to leave, you just don’t know when or how. You love them too much to end the hurt.

9. Painted Red
The other perspective on Positively East Broadway. What your lover may be thinking.

10. Crying Myself To Sleep
I didn’t write this, Allison did. But to me, it’s about being discontent in a relationship, a city. And being too afraid to escape. 

11. Bums in Love
About Believing you are different, after being told you are over and over. When all you want is what everyone else wants.

12. Precious Age Of 13
Bar Mitzvah classic! The ghost of your older self watching you when you were a child.

James Levy & The Blood Red Rose’s new album ‘Pray To Be Free’ will be released on 6th February via Heavenly Recordings.