Kappa Gamma

The last thing Kappa Gamma want is to be easily defined.

Name: Kappa Gamma
Based: Nottingham
Listen: Soundcloud
Similar To: Amusement, Troumaca

Kappa Gamma have a thing for Geography. Few bands would sum up their sound as Geographical Rock. Fewer still would post their location as coordinates on Facebook. It’s not an association that tends to do wonders for a new band’s trajectory. Why Kappa Gamma decided to associate themselves with it is not immediately clear. It might be – and this might also explain why they named themselves after an American society for the deaf - because the last thing Kappa Gamma want is to be easily defined.

A cursory listen to their latest track ‘Just Another’ seems to confirm this. They aren’t the kind of band that routinely stick to a formula with their songs. The track opens with a chorus that slowly builds into verse and they explore new sounds mid-flow. Unusual guitar effects dip in and out of the foreground throughout the track’s 3 and a half minute running time and – towards the end - the band break out into a riff that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Metronomy instrumental. The whole thing has the bold experimental feel of a great practice session captured live. By refusing to slot easily into a genre Kappa Gamma have allowed themselves space to explore and develop their sound. They’re not tied down by expectation and it’s because of this that they’re able to produce music as thrilling as ‘Just Another’. Through refusing to be defined Kappa Gamma have marked themselves out as something quite special.

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