Listen: Embers Unveil ‘Tunnel Vision’ & ‘Sins Unknown’

Neu has the premiere of the band’s first single, due for vinyl release next month.

Manchester’s Embers create deeply cinematic music, the kind capable of soundtracking thriller car chases or chaotic torture scenes. After a brief flurry of online hype, the band have announced details of their debut single, and Neu has the premiere of both songs.

‘Tunnel Vision’ / ‘Sins Unknown’ gets a 100 run vinyl release on 24th September, self-released by the band. Each copy comes with a unique digital download code.

You can stream both cuts below. The former is almost apocalyptic in production and execution; as if doomsday is knocking at this very door. ‘Sins Unknown’ retains the punch of its early sibling, but strains to make itself more of a festival mosh-inducer.

‘Tunnel Vision’

‘Sins Unknown’

Stream the video for ‘Tunnel Vision’ here.
Stream the video for ‘Sins Unknown’ here.