Listen: Flamingods Announce Debut Album, Stream ‘Quesso’ Now

Art Is Hard Records release an inaugural LP on 21st January; the label’s first album release since their inception.

Before we get into the gritty details of what making Flamingods’ latest track so spectacular, may Neu first offer a big fat congratulations to one of its favourite labels, Art Is Hard Records, for taking the plunge and releasing its first ever album after 14 excellent, hugely influential single releases.

Flamingods are the chosen teammates for this bold musical adventure, and it’s easy to see why: Take new track ‘Quesso’ as an example of the London group’s extraordinarily youthful sound, bursting with invention and wonder.

The full-length, ‘Sun’ is released on 21st January 2013.

Stream Flamingods’ ‘Quesso’ below.