Listen: Make Do And Mend Unveil Previously Unreleased B-Side

The last remaining track from their ‘Everything You Ever Loved’ sessions has been revealed to the outside world.

It was back last summer when Make Do And Mend released their second album ‘Everything You Ever Loved’, but it’s only now that we’re hearing one of the final tracks to be revealed from their recording sessions.

Having broken onto the post-hardcore scene with their gruelling yet emotional debut album ‘End Measured Mile’ (which followed their 2009 EP ‘Bodies of Water’) back in 2010, the West Hartford quartet set the bar a little higher for album number two.

Confessing that their second record was evidently ‘a product of coming to terms with how life changes when you do start playing in a full time touring band’, the results quite obviously differed to their debut, but the honesty and passion of their sound still ran through its veins.

Choosing to work with ex-Minus The Bear member Matt Bayles, the band spent some time in Seattle, Washington recording the eleven-track effort. Other than the tracks that made the album, there was only one remaining song which missed the cut: a B-side titled ‘3/4’, which the band placed on a limited run of 7’ vinyl available with pre-orders of ‘Everything…’

Now, they’ve decided to reveal it to the outside world. Posting on Facebook yesterday, the band posted the song along with a message of: ‘With the release of our new record, we put out a 7” alongside it with a B-Side from the album called “3/4”. Until now it was only able to be heard via that 7”, but we wanted to be able to share it with you all. So here it is, hope you enjoy it.’

Have a listen to ‘3/4’ below.