Listen: Menace Beach Share New Track ‘Pick Out The Pieces’

Simple, refined and Julian Casablanca-channelling rock music.

The first time we wrote about Menace Beach’s fuzzy rock ‘n roll, we remarked on how unconventional it all sounded.

In the first track since the ‘Dream Out' EP however, these guys have produced their most straightforward work to date. And it’s glorious.

‘Pick Out The Pieces’ is like some Julian Casablancas-channelling pop hit from a parallel universe, where the more a song turns your ears inside out through sheer force, the higher it places in the charts.

The sinister alter-ego belonging to the debut EP has taken a step back. ‘Pick Out The Pieces’ is simple, refined stuff, and it’s likely to win the guys a new flock of fans.

Stream Menace Beach’s ‘Pick Out The Pieces’ below: