Listen: Meursault - Something For The Weakened

A track by track guide from Neil Pennycook alongside an exclusive stream of the new LP.

When DIY heard that Meursault were planning on releasing their third album, ‘Something For The Weakened’, we couldn’t resist trying to get our hands on it a little bit early. We begged, borrowed and called in a few favours, and here we have it, a complete track by track guide from Neil Pennycook alongside an exclusive stream of the new full length, a week ahead of release.

1. Thumb
I thought it would be good to have a song which could work as an introduction. I think it helps to unify the album in a way. Also, this was the last song we wrote/recorded…

2. Flittin’
…and this was the first. It was also the first song which was written after we’d decided to move away from the more electronic sounding stuff. It was a concerted effort to make music which had a more naturalistic feel to it, something a little warmer and more direct in terms of language and tone.

3. Lament For A Teenage Millionaire
This one had been recorded previously (on our first record) but I had always felt that the music didn’t match the tone of the lyric. This was our attempt to remedy that.

4. Settling
This is about finding your use in life despite what you may have wished for yourself. It’s about keeping an open mind when it comes to your own potential even if said potential is rather underwhelming. Ha fucking ha.

5. Hole
It’s to do with untruths and how functional they can be at times.

6. Lightning Bolt/Dull Spark
The other guys didn’t know this one at all until we went into the studio. My abiding memory is writing scores on the studio wall and pointing to the changes while the rest of the band tried to record… they hate me now.

7. Dearly Distracted
‘Guitars, guitars, guitars, guitars, guitars Thin Lizzy rock’

8. Mamie
Pete had recently moved his childhood piano from his parents house to his studio. He suggested using it for the album and I’m glad we did. The creaks and shuffles that came through in this recording are some of my favourite noises. I named this song for my Grandmother.

9. Untitled
A nice wee love song. I figured it would be best to end on a positive note.

Meursault’s new album ‘Something For The Weakened’ will be released on 16th July via Song, By Toad.