Neil Wood profiles a newcomer with a #1 in New Zealand already to her name.

Name: Lorde
Based: Auckland, New Zealand
Listen: soundcloud.com/lordemusic
Similar to: Lana Del Rey, Lykke Li

Earlier this year, New Zealand’s Lorde released the ‘Love Club’ EP and has already racked up mammoth play counts and an NZ No.1 with lead track ‘Royals’. So she’s not exactly begging for fans these days.

But in two new tracks - ‘Tennis Court’ and a cover of The Replacements’ ‘Swingin' Party’ - Lorde has far outgrown her age (she’s only 16) and delivered a pair of pop gems that will surely see her become a household name worldwide. We say household. If every house had awesome parties.

‘Tennis Court’ is a Lana-infused, mid-tempo whirl of low synths and infectiously jittering percussion, and it’s just about as instant as a single comes. Its unashamedly pop star-ready tendencies are worn on its sleeve with lyrics like “Baby, be the class clown, I’ll be the beauty queen in tears” – but there’s a more than enough vintage, 80s sounding musicianship and hooks aplenty to ensure that this is a genuine and well worthy hit.

With Lorde already reaching out of Auckland and breaking into radio and international press, it’s surely only a matter of time until this young lady is, like it or not, taking over the world one perfect pop song at a time.