Mammal Club

Both awe-inspiring and packed with tunes.

Some bands are bewildering until you see them live – or rather, that should be that some bands have fans who claim that they don’t make sense until you see them live. Mammal Club are a four piece from the North East of England that are many things, and confusing is certainly in amongst them. Whilst they’ve always been brilliant on record, it’s live that they’ve always won over the fans – in their droves, usually.

Highly dramatic pop music has always been a winner, and as the largely hit and miss Everything Everything proved last year, when it’s done with any semblance of skill it’ll get you a fair amount of attention. The sticking point with the EE boys amongst many of the doubters is the polarised vocals of their front man, something only emphasised seeing them in the flesh. Mammal Club have drawn comparisons with them, perhaps fairly, but there’s a lot more order and melody in their collection of tunes than the Mancunian trio have ever shown.

If ever there is to be a watershed moment, it’s closer on the horizon than one might think. Everybody’s Stalking are putting out ‘AU’ EP, a release that finally manages to harness that devastating swirling mass of their live show into something that still works through tinny, low-rent laptop speakers. It’s a miracle of engineering, managing to be both awe-inspiring and packed with tunes. Anyone who can write the perfect pop song and call it ‘Otter’ should be certain to needle their way into your heart – and if you don’t then you should probably try and catch them live.

Mammal Club - The Au EP by everybodysstalking