M.I.A Threatens To Leak Her Own ‘Matangi’ Album, Label Respond

Maya gets peeved at label Interscope for pushing back the album release date.

MIA has spoken out against her US label Interscope for failing to release new album ‘Matangi’ sooner, stating that she could just as easily make a whole new album in the time it takes the label to release her record.

‘Matangi’ - which features ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘Bring the Noize’ - has been prepped for months, without an official release date being announced. The follow up to 2010’s ‘Maya’ has been a long time coming.

Taking to Twitter from Tokyo to vent her frustrations, MIA asked ‘who would stop MATANGI from coming out?’.

She then threatened to leak the record herself as soon as next week, before going quiet:

UPDATE: After all that hoo-hah, Interscope have confirmed a US release date for ‘MATANGI’: 5th November. Angry tweeting gets results. No word yet from N.E.E.T / Virgin EMI on when it’s gaining release in the UK.

Catch up with MIA’s ‘Bring the Noize’ below.