Miles Kane Announces Album Title, ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’

New record has been recorded with Ian Broudie

Miles Kane has announced that his new album, which is due later in the year, will be called ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’.

Kane’s last album, ‘Colour Of The Trap’, was released in 2011 and written with both Alex Turner and Gruff Rhys, but for this record he’s enlisted the help of a new partner-in-crime. For his second outing, he’s been working with The Lightning Seeds’ Ian Broudie (who’s previously produced for the likes of Echo And The Bunnymen, Shack and The Fall), with whom he’s co-written some of the album.

DIY recently caught up with Kane to find out how recording the new album was getting along, and whether he was happy with how the record’s turned out. ‘It’s a great, upbeat, stomping album,’ he told us, ‘and I’m very proud of it.’

‘I’m not taking anything away from the first one because I was finding out a lot of things really, about myself,’ Kane continued, ‘But this one is definitely more direct and to the point.’

Find out more about Miles Kane’s forthcoming album in the next issue of DIY Weekly.

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