Millennium Sign To Greco Roman, Share Debut Material

Making the year 2000 a retro-entity: Millennium’s ‘Start-Up Kit’ is essential.

Berlin act Millennium are hiding their identities behind a series of retro-enhanced imagery: Microsoft WordArt (remember that?); corporate imagery featuring desktop computers and the kind of website that’d make the average modern day designer weep onto their graphic tablet.

Might this be the first real attempt we’ve seen of a band turning the previous decade into something idealistic and nostalgic? The imagery itself is making a mockery of our tech-obsessive 2000s, and the music accompanying it has more than a touch of Y2K about it.

Berlin label Greco Roman have snapped them up and a nifty ‘Start-Up Kit’ has been made available on a free download. It includes three ‘compositions’ (all streamable on soundcloud) and 1 digital booklet.

Stream our pick of their early efforts, ‘Fake It’, below. It’s all throbbing basslines, haunting atmospherics and toneless, lurking vocals. It makes the whole 2000 phenomena seem a touch frightening.