Kele: New EP Is “More Melancholic & A Little Bit Darker”

As Kele releases his new EP ‘The Hunter’ next week, he reveals that it’s a little bit darker and contemplative.”“

As Kele releases his new EP ‘The Hunter’ next week (7th November), he reveals that it’s ‘a little bit darker and contemplative’ in comparison to his debut.

Speaking to DIY in a recent interview, the Bloc Party frontman turned solo artist let us in on his progression from ‘The Boxer’: ‘It’s somewhat of a continuation. Whereas ‘The Boxer’ was a celebratory record, this may be somewhat more melancholic and a little bit darker and contemplative. ‘The Boxer’ felt very light. I made it in the summer in a new city and that was feeding into the music.

‘The biggest inspiration that underpins [‘The Hunter’] is heartbreak. The songs, bar ‘Goodbye Horses’, seem to deal with people pulling apart from each other.’

Speaking of ‘Goodbye Horses’, we also asked about the inspiration behind the cover, which appears halfway through the EP’s tracklisting. ‘It’s one of my favourite songs of all time. I’ve never done a cover before. It’s quite an iconic song because it was used in quite a famous sequence in Silence Of The Lambs. I really like the image in the lyrics. To me, it’s a song about transcendence. It felt right to do and I hope that I’ve done it justice. I am glad that I get to reintroduce the song to a whole generation of people who have never heard it.’

Read the interview in full on Monday 7th November.