Nils Frahm Announces New Album, ‘Spaces’

Composer releases the record on his Erased Tapes label.

Stupidly talented pianist and composer Nils Frahm has announced a new album, ‘Spaces’.

More details are to be announced, but it’s due to come out on Frahm’s own Erased Tapes label on 18th November (19th November US).

He unveiled the LP via a 1 minute teaser - music soundtracking the footage of him going apeshit on pianos and controllers is very electronic, considering.

Frahm’s last release was 2012’s ‘Screws’. Read the DIY interview with Nils Frahm here.

Nils Frahm - Spaces (Official Album Teaser) from Erased Tapes on Vimeo.