Nintendo Wii U Will Have No Achievements Or Trophies

Scribblenauts developer reveals all…

Score-hounds, prepare to cry into your big, calloused hands. Nintendo have not included system-wide achievements or trophies for the forthcoming Wii U, as revealed by Scribblenauts Unlimited developer, Jeremiah Slaczka on NeoGAF.

Apparently, each Wii U game must ‘use its own proprietary method of awarding user accomplishments’.

There are no Wii U accomplishments that are system wide,’ Jeremiah revealed, ‘Scribblenauts Unlimited loosely has them in the form of ‘Global shards’ a giant check list of global things to spawn and do in the game that aren’t area specific.

It is said that players will be able to post about their achievements in games via the Miiverse, the system’s social network, but there will be no console-wide accomplishment system. And we say phew.

The Nintendo Wii U is set to launch in Europe and Australia on 30th November, with a USA release on 18th November and a Japanese release on 8th December.