Pete Wentz To Release New Black Cards Album This Summer

No release dates have yet been confirmed

The battle of the I’m-no-longer-in-but-kind-of-am-in-Fall-Out-Boy album’s has officially begun.

With Fall Out Boy’s singer Patrick Stump releasing his first solo material in february before a full album release in July, it seems his bandmate Pete Wentz has decided to jump on the band wagon.

The Fall Out Boy lyricist has declared that he too will be releasing a record this summer but that his will star his new band Black Cards, and will feature collaborations with the likes of Shaggy and Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy.

In an interview with Spin, he spoke about the record’s completion:

‘We have a whole Black Cards album done, and now we’re just writing more songs that might beat out some of the existing songs.’

We can consider the gauntlet officially thrown then, eh?

Wentz joined Black Cards in 2010, following the announcement of Fall Out Boy’s ‘indefinite hiatus’ in 2009.

Black Cards’ release date for their debut LP has not yet been confirmed.