PIAS Recommended: Brakes - Touchdown

Except for a few spare tender moments, ‘Touchdown’ is an unrelenting freight train of punky rock.

Following yesterday’s news of the burning down of the Sony Distribution Centre that housed the stock of independent distributor PIAS, we asked DIY writers to recommend some of their favourite albums from the labels affected. With many independents seeing most if not all of their physical stock destroyed, buying from one could be anything from a massive help to simply a much needed pick me up for good people dealing with a horrible situation. With so many records turned to ash, if you can find a physical copy - be it from the label direct, or one still in stock at your local independent record shop - all the better; with PIAS housing so many of the biggest indies showing your love for the LP, 7’ or CD is more important than ever.

Preaching over, now to the music.

Brighton-based Fat Cat Records is one of the most eclectic indie labels to be affected by the fire at the SONY DADC/PIAS warehouse. Fat Cat has reported on their official Web site that they believe all of their stock and of their sister label, One Little Indian, housed in that warehouse have been lost in the fire - a true travesty. Today we want to bring your attention to an album they put out 2 years ago that you may have overlooked.

Except for a few spare tender moments, ‘Touchdown’ by fellow Brightonians Brakes is an unrelenting freight train of punky rock. It’s a musical salve for your soul after seeing your unrest in your town and certainly listening to this is a better way to get your aggressions out within the space between your headphones instead of getting physically violent. Or if you feel the need to get physical, maybe buy it and put it on your iPod before you head into town with your broom and pan to assist in your town’s cleanup and/or help your fellow man rebuild?

‘Hey Hey’ has a massively infectious guitar riff that will force you to take up air guitar or, at the very least, headbang. ‘Don’t Take Me to Space (Man)’ is another fun track no doubt, yet it’s very witty and very topical in these difficult times. Eamon Hamilton sings, ‘I wanna stay on this wasteland / I don’t care that this world’s masonic / I’ve got true love keeping me on it’. For us music lovers, the London riots have become personal: the livelihoods of indie labels and bands we love have been threatened. If you’re looking for a way to support these precious contributors to our music scene, ‘Touchdown’ by Brakes is a memorable collection of short, honest songs that will hit the spot and it’s definitely worth your money.