Premiere: Flamingods Preview Debut Album With ‘Taishōgoto’

Named after a Japanese harp instrument (yep), Flamingods continue along their route of unconventional weird-pop.

If you’ve a background like the guys in Flamingods, you’re essentially obliged to form a band and tell the world all about it. Now based in London, the guys grew up in Bahrain. We’re not entirely sure whether the music floating around the Persian Gulf sounds like this, but we’re guessing Flamingods are absorbing influences from all corners of the globe.

Take ‘Taishōgoto’ as an example. It’s named after a Japanese harp instrument which has gained common use in East Africa. Flamingods don’t write songs about pretty girls or trying to impress their boss. And that’s why we love them. And that’s also why they’re set to release their debut album on Art Is Hard Records, 21st January.

DIY has the premiere of ‘Taishōgoto’, which the group describe as follows:

‘The sounds were familiar to us but still kind of fucked up and foreign. Like a man riding a camel through a hot desert to the soundtrack of an intoxicating drum beat.’

‘And the ‘Hey’ ‘s was an idea Karthik came up with, where we try to mimic the sounds russian dancers make.’

The song is relentlessly intriguing, made up of a wonderful array of ideas, yes, but beyond its invention is a simple, head-turning melody.

Catch up on the previously unveiled ‘Quesso’. And read our initial Neu profile on the band from November of last year.

Flamingods play the following dates:

17 Brighton, Green Door Store
18 London, Shacklewell Arms (free release party)
19 January Cardiff, Gwdihw
22 January: Leeds, Wharf Chambers

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