Premiere: Gay Stream Debut Album ‘Dance Mix 95’

Stream a dynamic, often remarkable debut from the Toronto quartet.

Champions of the ungoogleable, Gay, are clever sods. Title-wise, they’d rather you think otherwise. A debut named ‘Dance Mix 95’ doesn’t bring to mind baroque horn sections and super-intelligent arrangements, but that’s what you get here. DIY’s delighted to bring you a stream of one of the most progressive debuts of the year so far.

The Toronto four-piece - Neil Rankin, Paul Erlichman, Cameron Murray and Tom Avis - are alarmingly modest. Opener ‘Less Than Learning’ declares there to be no ‘epiphanies here to speak of’, how they’re all about the ‘get up, fuck around’ mentality. First impressions are deadly.

Including the previously unveiled 'Chrysotile’, the album was recorded in Toronto in the dead of Winter. Somehow, the quartet managed to fledge crystallised guitars - half evoking the rush of Grizzly Bear, the other an 80s melodrama not dissimilar to Roxy Music - and clarinet solos from this deadening environment.

As it progresses, ‘Pete Rose Hair’ stands loyal to a Wave Pictures-wave of wit, while ‘Once Upon A Time’ gives a nod to the record’s title, bringing forth a dancehall-ready sense of drama.

We’d anticipate Gay to turn heads with this remarkable, ever-dynamic first work.

Out on Pleasance Records on July 12th, stream Gay’s ‘Dance Mix 95’ below.