Goodtime Boys Showcase New Track ‘Callous’

The band’s forthcoming 7 ‘Every Landscape’ gets released through Bridge Nine Records on the 28th August.”

Goodtime Boys are getting ready to release their brand new EP ‘What’s Left To Let Go’, but in the meantime will be whetting our appetites with a special three-track 7’ release, titled ‘Every Landscape’.

Being released through Bridge Nine Records on the 28th August, DIY is lucky enough to be premiering one of the tracks, ‘Callous’.

We even got the band to give us a few details about the song itself: ‘Callous is a song about embracing the inevitable constant that is change, something everyone fears at times. It’s the second song from our new EP ‘What’s Left to Let Go’ and the A-side on the ‘Every Landscape’ 7’. Callous was recorded by our good friend Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House in Southampton. We’ve been lucky to work with some great people on the record and we’re all excited to get the rest of the songs out.’

The full tracklisting for ‘Every Landscape’ is as follows, and their full EP should be expected later this year.

1. Callous
2. Harrow
3. Under Ice (Kate Bush cover)

If you fancy pre-ordering the 7’, simply head to the Bridge 9 website.

Their EP looks set to follow on from their nine-track effort ‘Are We Now, Or Have We Ever Been’ which was released last year by Holy Roar Records.