Premiere: Listen: Firestations Share ‘Forgetful Man’ Track

London five-piece bring their lazy day aesthetic to woozy, romantic new heights.

The sunken, serene guitar pop of Firestations is the sound of a lazy day compressed in musical form. That’s the jist of it from the outside, at least. But as new song ‘Forgetful Man’ progresses, ease shows a new side to the London band, signed to their own imprint Waltz Time Records.

‘I’m a man who forgets / so fill me up with your secrets,’ runs the chorus line, the five-piece offering up a surprising romantic side. It’s like a pair of close friends spending all their time in the afternoon sun, suddenly catching on to the fact that they’re both in love.

Sweet to the point of no return, we’ve got the first play of ‘Forgetful Man’ below.

Firestations, ‘Forgetful Man’: