Premiere: Listen: Ian McCulloch - Bring On The Dancing Horses

The Echo & The Bunnymen frontman is reworking some of his band’s tracks for his new double album

Back in 1985, Echo & The Bunnymen released the only single from their compilation album, ‘Songs to Learn & Sing’. The track was ‘Bring On The Dancing Horses’, and it was originally written for the John Hughes film, ‘Pretty In Pink”s soundtrack. It remains a firm fan favourite, and is regularly included in the Liverpool band’s live set.

Fast forward twenty odd years, and the frontman Ian McCulloch has created a quite beautiful reworking of the track; with a full orchestra and everything.

McCulloch is readying ‘Holy Ghosts’, his brand new double album, for release. The first disc, produced by Youth, features live recordings from his Union Chapel performance last year, including Bunnymen classics ‘Lips Like Sugar’, ‘Rescue’, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, and ‘The Killing Moon’.

The second CD contains Mac’s fourth solo studio album; ‘Pro Patria Mori’. “Even since last year, I feel so different,” McCulloch has stated, “I’ve been straightening myself out a lot, not relying on things I did daily, and distilling and purifying the good things in me, not just drowning them in…shite!”

You can listen to the gorgeous orchestral reworking of ‘Bring On The Dancing Horses’ below.

‘Holy Ghosts’ is released April 22nd, and the tracklisting is:

Disc 1 ‘Orchestral Reworkings from Union Chapel’:
1. Bring On The Dancing Horses
2. Rescue
3. Idolness of Gods
4. Bedbugs and Ballyhoo
5. Pro Patria Mori
6. Angels and Devils
7. Nothing Lasts Forever
8. Arthur
9. Candleland
10. Killing Moon
11. All My Colours (Zimbo)
12. Watch Me Land
13. The Fountain
14. Somewhere In My Dreams
15. Lips Like Sugar

Disc 2 ‘Pro Patria Mori’
1. Different Trees
2. Empty As A House
3. Lift Me Up
4. Pro Patria Mori
5. Raindrop On The Sun
6. Fiery Flame
7. The Party s Over
8. Watch Me Land
9. Me And David Bowie
10. Somewhere In My Dreams

You can pre-order ‘Holy Ghosts’ here.