Premiere: Listen: Solar Year Remix Lindstrøm’s ‘Vossakorv’

Montreal production duo take a pitch-black route for their slant on Lindstrøm’s original.

Montreal duo Solar Year are one of Canada’s better kept secrets. Their productions seeped into debut release ‘Waverly’ - out now on Splendour (EU) & Ceremony (US) - earlier this year. Immersive to the point of no return, these songs lure the listener in, steal their attention with no back-out option.

David Ertel and Ben Borden have taken arguably their darkest, most ghostly turn with a remix for Lindstrøm’s ‘Vossakorv’, taken from the Norweigan’s ‘Smalhans’ album. Tightly-wound, defined by percussion that dips in and out of the foreground, it’s a terrifying siren call, an invite into cave-like surroundings.

Their take on ‘Vossakorv’ - spanning over the five minute mark - gets more pitch-black by the second. DIY has the premiere.

Lindstrøm, ‘Vossakorv’ (Solar Year remix):