Premiere: Listen: The Everywheres Share ‘Someone Disappeared’ Track

Samuel Hill’s genre-defining new project has a debut LP out on Father/Daughter this June.

Samuel Hill is a Halifax, Nova Scotia resident, whose debut self-titled album is due for release on Father/Daughter Records (Levek, Pure Bathing Culture) on 25th June.

We first crossed paths with Hill’s music via. ‘Frightened Face’, a strung-out, sedated introduction that might as well have invited us round its house for video games and pizza, it was so laid back.

This time round, we’ve a new track premiering first on DIY. It’s also a free download and the first full glimpse of this forthcoming first record.

‘Someone Disappeared’ gets right into gear from the off, furthering warm, psychedelic tones with a scrappy aesthetic and plenty of delicious hooks.

‘The Everywheres’ tracklist - pre-order the album here:
1. Unfortunate Direction
2. Someone Disappeared
3. Other State
4. Watch it Grow
5. Cold Curator Sings
6. Strangers Below the Wire
7. Easy Bells
8. Weekend Yellows

Stream The Everywheres’ ‘Someone Disappeared’ below, premiering on DIY: