Premiere: Listen: The Soft Release ‘Prana’ Single

The Soft’s debut single is out via Ceremony Recordings, from today.

Out of Bury St. Edmonds, The Soft's debut EP has been a long time coming, riding on the back of 2011 demos and the debut ‘Mori’ single.

First work ‘Uncanny Valley’ lands later this year. The first indication of said work is out from today, featuring remixes from Joonipah and Elysia.

It’s been a tact of the trio to wrap simple melodies in layers and layers of rhythm and atmospherics. Seeing them live is a strange prospect; in amongst the flurry of sounds, it’s hard to tell how exactly it’s emerging from the pads, the controllers and the warped vocals of Henry Morris, Zander Fletcher and William Glass. It never reaches a point of being overwhelming, because there’s such beauty in their all-intentioned cacophony.

‘Prana’ is arguably their most streamlined cut to date, though it doesn’t stop the three from exploring vast expanses across six luscious minutes. By the time its halfway-mark kick commences, you’re wrapped up in thick pads and swelling synthetics, lost to the point of no return.

Escape’s rarely sounded as crucial as this. Stream The Soft’s ‘Prana’ below. Purchase the single on iTunes.