Premiere: Listen: TOY Stream Dub Version Of ‘You Won’t Be The Same’

TOY play around with new dub leanings in a track taken from ‘Join The Dubs’, a new release.

Pegged in as psych-pedallers - and for good reason - TOY have yet to convert people to the idea that their influences span wider than toxic nights in with ’60s psych staples. A new release on the back of second album ‘Join The Dots’ looks to prove that wrong, with the DIY Weekly cover stars going all out to impress with their impressive diet of dub.

‘You Won’t Be The Same’ is taken from a dub reinterpretation of ‘Join The Dots” tracks. The release consists of 5 tracks, currently available via Rough Trade (as their album of the month) and scheduled for a vinyl release on 24th February.

If TOY’s album tracks came off like juggernauts scouting out new territory, this new 10-minute beast is an even more grizzly character, roaming around until it settles on its prey. Cut to 7 minutes in and it’s essentially a swarm of fractioned guitar parts entering into an all-out frenzy. Dark, disturbing and 100% dubby, it’s TOY living up their name by playing around.

‘Join The Dubs’ is out next year. Listen to TOY’s ‘You Won’t Be The Same’ below. From 7pm tonight TOY play an instore at Rough Trade East.