Premiere: Slow Skies Stream New ‘CLOSE’ EP In Full

A beautiful follow-up to last year’s ‘Silhouettes’ EP is streaming first on DIY.

You could likely hear Karen Sheridan’s voice through a crowd of chattering thousands and still be able to pick it up as something to latch onto. That’s the instinct when you hear something as sweet and tightly-wound as the vocals that open up Slow Skies’ new EP, ‘CLOSE’.

Everything acts in lieu to Sheridan’s tales. Conal Herron’s production is intentionally deft, brittle to the bone. The Daughter comparisons aren’t far off, but something truly special manifests itself in these songs, which is why we’re so thrilled to be able to bring you the premiere stream of ‘CLOSE’, Sheridan, Herron and Patrick O’Laoghaire’s second work, following on from last year's 'Silhouettes' EP.

”CLOSE’ is about placing the parts of something closer together. Close longs for nearness. In one sense, there is an intimate closeness- the people the songs involve, the people the songs were made with. Or, a little further removed, the songs are about universally shared feelings, human closeness. This is the opposite of distance and isolation. There is a conscious effort, with this EP, to sit closely with life, its intricacies, its chances and changes. Lastly, if you use the word differently, not suggesting nearness, but a closing… it might be to close a chapter. To close an event, or an experience in your life, and try to move on from it.’

This intimate direction works wonders. Every intake of breath feels like the beginning of a beautiful new story.

‘CLOSE’ is released on 4th May.

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