Preview: Visions 2013

Whatever you decide to see come Saturday, you’re bound to be in for a treat.


RADFEST. Remember it? The all-day festival brought to you by the wonderful folks over at SEXBEAT that boasted an incredible line-up of punk prodigies and fuzzy up-and-comers has come of age in a way, becoming the all-new Visions Festival that takes place across London Fields this Saturday. 

The event sees SEXBEAT teaming up with Bird On The Wire and Rockfeedback to bring you a far more eclectic roster of acts that, yes, has its share of some of the finest racket-makers currently about (we’re looking at you, Fucked Up). But it now also opens its mind up to soul-soothing electronica, anti-folk agendas and indie rock sensations, too. 

Kicking off proceedings over at Brewhouse are SEXBEAT singings GAPS, whose brilliant and shimmering indie pop is as hazy as condensation on a glass window in the peak of winter; their tracks glistening in the no man’s land that resides between electronic dream pop and shoegaze. Visions actually has three artistic directors commandeering proceedings, so GAPS’ music should make the perfect start to your day if accompanied by the right visuals. 

If Friday night is starting to take its toll on you by this point, it’s probably best if you get on over to Oval Space to take in Public Service Broadcasting. The duo combine angsty propaganda samples with gritty electronica that’s as easy to dance to as it is to sit back and appreciate, so whatever your mood you’ll find definitely find something to enjoy here. Their overall performance is meant to be one of bewilderment too, so this is your chance to perhaps see something really special.

On the other hand, you could just spend your day getting rowdy over at Netil House, which welcomes Paws, Iceage and Cloud Nothings (all in a row!) through its doors. This is bound to be as sweaty as it gets, and definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted. Paws’ bratty pop punk is a smarter, slicker take on Blink-182’s early work that’s sure to get you moving, whilst Iceage and Cloud Nothings’ reputations for showmanship aren’t something you should pass up for a toilet break. 

By the time the evening rolls around, you’ve got an impossible choice to make. Fucked Up, !!! and Jeffrey Lewis all headline each of the three venues. Lewis is currently touring Europe with his three-piece band The Rain, and his shows are often talked about due to their wonderful visual accompaniments and his talent of darting from stripped-back acoustic numbers to full-throttle folk-punk. To say it’s going to be sticky in there would be an understatement.

Whatever you decide to see come Saturday, you’re bound to be in for a treat. Each of the three venues all have stunning line-ups featuring some of the best live acts around right now, and the atmosphere is set to be a game-changer, too. With a DIY record fare, specially curated art exhibition and plenty of food stalls, Visions is set to fly by before you know it leaving gig-goers with some of the best memories this summer has to offer.