Semi Precious

Gloomy intimacy from a South London musician in the midst of an experimentation binge.

Name: Semi Precious
Based: London
Similar to: Darkside, How to Dress Well

Semi Precious sets himself limits. It’s the only way he knows how to go about things. Two samples are picked out from goodness knows where, placed in the spotlight and spun around in circles. The South London artist - going by the name of Guy - has the intention of breaking everything into pieces. On ‘When It’s Hard’, his under-ether debut track, everything really does feel precious, capable of collapsing at the slightest touch.

As he’s persisted, recordings have flirted with FlyLo-endorsed hip-hop (‘Lady White & Lady Grey’), and in most recent effort ‘Shaky Skies’, the kind of sparse, earth-shaking intimacy best saved for walks alone in fog-lined cemeteries. Both creepy and oddly affirming, not a single song on his Soundcloud page sounds like the other. Clearly we’re witnessing an artist in the midst of a big experimentation binge. Whichever side he ends up embracing, it’s sure to have an impact.