Silje Nes ‘Branches’ Remix Competition: The Winners

The top five entrants feature on an exclusive, free-to-download digital EP.

Photo Credit: Oleg Pulemjotov.

The new digital single from Norwegian multi-instrumentalist / singer-songwriter Silje Nes, ‘Branches’, was released a few weeks ago, and to celebrate (as you may remember) she launched a remix competition.

As promised, the top five entrants now feature on an exclusive, free-to-download digital EP - which you can get via the player below!

‘I am so happy for all the submissions that’s come in for the branches remix competition,’ Silje comments, ‘and really enjoyed listening to all the different tracks that people have come up with. What I didn’t enjoy so much was picking only five from the bunch - but here’s my choice of five remixes that struck me, in different ways. Thank you everybody…’

Here’s a bit of info about each of the remixers:

Moritz Hoffmann, working under the pseudonym Décor, is based in Munich. He self-releases his music, and his great competition entry employs software, analogue hardware and self-recorded sounds.

Satnamri is the project of Lithuania’s Irmantas Žutautas, here contributing a fuzzy, rhythmic solar system of noise based around Silje’s original stems. Check out his SoundCloud page (here: to hear almost 30 original tracks.

faksimile is Berlin producers Robert Pantel and Martin Reichelt. Their highly original, noisy-then-quiet take on Branches was an immediate favourite, a shoo-in to be a finalist as soon as it was received. Their myspace page can be found here:

The UK’s sole representative in the winners’ EP is the enigmatic Chris K, or Chaos Theory! (or, according to his SoundCloud page, Burt Reynolds). His joyously woozy remix highlights Silje’s creeping acoustic guitar lines wonderfully.

Sybarite – aka Christian Hawkins of NYC’s legendary Silver Apples – has released with 4AD and Temporary Residence among other labels, and here contributes a stunning re-working of Branches using only original source material.

The track was taken from Silje Nes’ recent album, ‘Opticks’.