SimCity: Intro Trailer

Maxis unveil the introduction video for the forthcoming simulation.

Have a little peek at the latest video for the forthcoming new SimCity game from Maxis.

This is the intro video, made entirely of gameplay footage, that’s set to kickstart players’ experiences as soon as they login to the game. Showing off multi-city play, city specialisations and a marvellous rocket launchat at a space station, SimCity is boasting that it’s the ‘most responsive and personal SimCity ever’ with the new GlassBox Engine powering up to 100,000 individual Sims across the city and every Kilowatt of energy pulsing through them.

A first for the series is multiplayer, creating new ways to play by collaboration or competition to earn achievements. Maxis also promise a live service that simulates real-time updates and pushes them to players in the form of new challenges.

SimCity is due for release on 8th March for PC and Mac.