A delightful Yeasayer side-project

A good cv works as the ideal starting point for emerging acts and Ahmed Gallab certainly has one of those. You might recognise his name from Yeasayer album booklets, what with him being the drummer for the erratic pop-merchants.

Some of Sinkane’s tracks on Soundcloud - and there are several of them - resemble his work with Yeasayer. ‘Autobahn’’s vocal refrain, the sheer scope of world influences that helps mould tracks like ‘Apache Beat’ and his excellent ‘Okay Africa’ mixtape are notable. The most high-hitting of all his songs to date is ‘Jeeper Creeper’, with its much-perfected bass hooks and swirling atmospherics.

Expect a debut album in the form of ‘Mars’, due for release later this year. It features collaborative efforts with Twin Shadow’s George Lewis and Gallab’s bandmate Ira Wolf.

Jeeper Creeper by Sinkane Ra