The Leeds band’s new EP - out as a cassette with Tye Die Tapes - is a gloriously harsh experience.

Name: Slowcoaches,
Based: Leeds, UK
Listen: Tye Die Tapes’ Bandcamp
Similar to: No Age, Dolfinz

In the space between their initial emergence and right now, Slowcoaches could have written approximately 300,000,000 songs. Such is the brevity and excitability of the tracks, a select few might’ve devoted half of their lives to listening to each and every one of them. Instead of becoming the most prolific band on Earth however, the Leeds group have bided their time, refining every lurching, beastly guitar line and making sure their garage punk is fit for sore ears across the country.

Their returning release, the ‘We’re So Heavy’ EP, is a refreshing synergy of No Age at their loudest, Bos Angeles at their most grizzly and fellow First On favourites Dolfinz’s catchiest underground hits. Each of the EP’s six songs grabs your by the ear - nigh on removing it from its socket - and throws you into a fire-breathing monster’s cave of rabid guitar riffs. It’s a gloriously harsh experience.

The We’re So Heavy cassette is out through Tye Die Tapes on 23rd March.

Stream the EP below:

The band tour with Dolfinz on the following dates:

24 Henry’s Cellar BAR, Edinburgh
25 TBC, Glasgow
26 The Continental, Preston
27 The Chameleon, Nottingham
28 Sylvester Street (Tye Die Show), Sheffield
29 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
30 Undertone, Cardiff
31 Mother’s Ruin, Bristol

01 Prince Albert, Brighton
02 Wilmington Arms, London
03 Brixton Windmill, London
05 Power Lunches, London