Glasgow’s Marc Johansen portrays grim details like few others, combining music and film in flawless fashion.

Name: Marc Johansen
Based: Glasgow
For Fans Of: Alex Turner, Stanley Donwood art, twisted animations

Sothko is the name given to Glasgow artist Marc Johansen. His only song to date - ‘Everything is fine’ - latches onto a sarcy title and produces one of the most melancholic tracks of 2013, all bolstered by Johansen’s own animations. These moving pictures are crucial to Marc’s appeal. He details events that are ‘as tantalising as a knife in the neck’, while lonely men sit in the shower, three-piece suit sticking to their skin. ‘Another day, another week’ runs the distant mantra, while spaced out lowercase letters enter the frame, words like ‘expiry date’ and ‘the human is fine’. Together, these things paint a vivid, downtrodden picture of a guy at one with his sorry thoughts.

Rarely does an artist emerge with a picture as complete as this. One glimpse to date is enough to know Sothko’s a talented bugger, capable of portraying grim details like few others.

Watch ‘Everything is fine’ below.