London fuzz-pop band head and shoulders above their contemporaries.

Name: Splashh
Based: London, UK
Listen: Soundcloud.com/splashh-band
Similar to: Gross Magic, The Jesus and Mary Chain

A dearth of hard-knuckled, fresh-faced punk bands have emerged within the past twelve months, stirring from their garage band practices and playing early, haphazard shows in local nights. Comparisons to No Age are placed on every single one of them. Onlookers can’t tell any of them apart. How do you sift through the garage punk pack in order to find the real deal?

Ask Art Is Hard Records. The label behind Bos Angeles, Best Friends and The Black Tambourines have a knack for nabbing the finest grain of the crop. Indeed, they first brought this band to our attention through a novel ‘Pizza Club’ release. Splashh found themselves encased in a 5” pizza box, alongside a glamorous sounding delectation: “No sauce to be found here, just a massive slice of bread covered in sausage, bacon, eggs, beans and mushrooms.” The rest is history.

Splashh stand out from the aforementioned hoard because they put clear, audible melodies at the forefront of their hard-edged tracks. ‘All I Wanna Do’ is all cocksure and brash, with ‘Need It’ more aligned towards head-rushing sensations. Most recent track ‘Headspins’ is even more steeped in giant riffs and a fuzzy backdrop. “Fuzz” and “Riffs”. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it all before. But ultimately, the end product isn’t at all conventional, especially when compared to today’s contemporaries.