Summer Camp Offer Second Album Update: ‘We’ve Written A Lot Of Songs. A Lot’

Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey ask for assistance in naming the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Welcome To Condale’.

Towards the end of last year DIY caught up with Elizabeth Sankey, one half of husband-wife duo Summer Camp, to check in on how they were getting on with the preparation for their second album.

And now Elizabeth has posted an updated on her personal blog, stating that they had ‘written a lot of songs’ and that the album - which will follow last year’s ‘Always’ EP and 2011 debut album ‘Welcome To Condale’ - was ‘getting there’.

‘Our second album is getting there. We’ve written a lot of songs. A lot,’ she posted.

‘Before Christmas we went slightly crazy. Sitting in one room everyday and trying to come up with things that: A. Are good ideas for songs and B. That you actually feel comfortable singing in front of people can make you feel a little weird and terrified.

‘Plus then it’s really hard not to just write songs about said dilemma,’ she wrote.

‘Both of us feel like this album needs to be something… It needs to be better than the first, while at the same time not alienating those of you who are nice enough to support us. And I want to try and say… something… about… stuff.

‘To be honest we’re spending a lot of time sinking between the elation that we get to do this everyday and horror that it potentially could end. And end quickly if this album isn’t good.

On top of updating fans on the writing process and opening up about her worries, Elizabeth also made a plea to fans for help:

‘I need your help,’ she wrote. ‘Ideas for album titles.

‘I know I shouldn’t be thinking about this, or what journalists should say. But guys, I used to write those reviews. I can’t see an album title without trying to twist it into something evil.’

So. Do you want to lend a hand in, or even be wholly responsible for, the naming of an album by a popular and successful band? Imagine telling that to your grand-kids/next door neighbour when you’re old and lonely.

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