Team 17 Plot Alien Breed For PS3 And PS Vita

With a choice of old-school Amiga graphics or newly enhanced ones.

Legendary developers Team 17 are bringing the top-down sci-fi classic Alien Breed to PS3 and PS Vita, which is set to be available for download in early February.

Both old and new fans of the visceral alien-blasting experience will get to feel the fear of the lurking xenomorph-esques once again, with a choice of either old-school Amiga graphics or the new enhanced version.

The game is set to feature a story mode, hosting thirty levels as well as three new level packs, and cross-platform play across PS3 and PSV for multiplayer co-op. Prepare to get as equally frustrated and frightened as you did back in the 90s, and not just by Noel’s House Party.