Tech: November 2012

The gizmos and gadgets worth getting excited about this month.

iPhone 5
Despite their (ahem) updated maps being much maligned in recent weeks - we, for example, can’t find our local tube station - there is still much to love about the latest in Apple’s infamous family of smartphones. It’s thinner, faster, features the world’s first touch-screen Retina display, and - rejoice! - the camera’s even better than before. Plus, stating the obvious, it’s gorgeous.

Kindle Fire & Kindle Fire HD
£129+, Amazon

Just in time for the festive (read: desperately late present-buying) season, Amazon have unveiled a couple of new additions to the Kindle series. The Fire - and Fire HD, the latter of which somewhat obviously is, well, in HD, allows owners not only the ability to purchase and read all the books they’d ever want, but also the ability to watch films and television shows, browse the web and make use of Amazon’s cloud storage.

Libratone Zipp speaker
£329.99 RRP

Pricey, yes. But look at it. Not only is it sleek and smart, but thanks to the wool covers, you can have it in whichever cosy colour you wish, such as ‘Pepper Black’ or ‘Salty Grey’. Chips, anyone? What’s more, it’s battery-powered with eight hours of charge, and can make use of Apple’s AirPlay system without the need of a local WiFi network. Brilliant sound, on the go, without needing too many home comforts - and it looks good. Now, where’s our credit card?

£399 RRP

Anyone who’s attempted to carry their DSLR around their neck for longer than about ten minutes will attest - cameras are not, by default, wearable. Cue the Autographer. This concept design will snap away at will throughout your day, curating a series of images it believes will be visually interesting thanks to a special algorithm. You do nothing, except whatever it is you were going to do anyway. It’ll mark your images with GPS locations, and can share them socially. Just beware: it suggests you ‘close the lens cover during private moments’.