The Black Keys Frontman Prefers ‘Brothers’ To Most Recent Record

Singer / Guitarist Dan Auerbach says ‘El Camino’ isn’t his favourite record.

The Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach has spoken about his preference of the band’s albums, revealing that their most recent effort ‘El Camino’ isn’t his favourite: he prefers 2010’s ‘Brothers’.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Auerbach explained that producer Danger Mouse encouraged the duo to write ‘Brothers’ in reverse: ‘Brian’s suggestion was to come up with the vocal melodies first, then the lyrics had to fit around them. For me, it was like writing a song in reverse - not my style at all, but that’s why it was cool.’

The band are currently working on a new full-length, which they’re due to take into the studio early next year. ‘Late January is when we’re going to record,’ Auerbach recently told Rolling Stone. ‘We never really rehearse or practice before we get into the studio. We’ll just get in there and see what happens. I’ve been writing every day, but I never know what’s going to be a song we use or not, you know.’

The Black Keys are currently touring in the UK. See them at the following dates:

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