The King Of Limbs: Is There A Second Radiohead Album Still To Come?

Everyone loves a conspiracy.

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, but when it comes to looking for the detail behind the detail there’s nothing quite like Radiohead fans; give them a new album to play with, and you’re going to get something good.

Such is the case today. With ‘The King Of Limbs’ brought forward by 24 hours - its eight tracks blessed upon a legion of braying fans, blogs and befuddled journos a day early - Friday 18th February 2011 will be remembered as one of utter alternative music mayhem. And yet some fans don’t think it’s over yet.

A good glance round the internet shows more than a couple of voices whispering about another Radiohead album, or at least a second part to ‘The King Of Limbs’. Their reasoning, a mix of grasping at straws and genuinely interesting observations.

Chief amongst these ‘hints’ is the last track of the eight we have, ‘Separator’ - a track with the lyric ‘if you think it’s over, then you’re wrong.’ What else could it mean? An album moved forward 24 hours, or an always planned early salvo?

Others claim the relative lack of other members of the band featured on what we have means there surely must be more. There has to be more Greenwood guitar genius, right? More than that, orders from the site were marked ‘TKOL1’. What is ‘TKOL2’ going to be?

One especially observant blog points out that ‘Separator’ has been circulating with the title ‘Mouse, Bird, Dog’ since a live outing last year. Perhaps the title was changed for a reason? It’s not like the band don’t have form - ‘In Rainbows’ shipped with a second disc when it came round to the physical release.

Claims that there must be something else to come simply because there’s surely more you can fit on two 10’ vinyl ring less true - the well respected Chicago Mastering Service recommends 9 minutes per side at 33 1/3 RPM for optimum quality, or 7 minutes at 45 RPM. The maximum you’d get out of two 10’ records would be 56 minutes, going by their figures. With ‘The King Of Limbs’ coming in at just under 38, there seems little room for more.

So will there be another part to ‘The King Of Limbs’ waiting for us tomorrow? Probably not, no. But that doesn’t mean it’s over yet.