The Little Ones - Morning Tide

The Little Ones have one hell of a trick up their collective - and grinning - sleeves.

Label: Heavenly

Rating: 8

It wouldn’t be a cliche if it weren’t true; the summer months bring with it a style of music which suddenly becomes redundant once September comes, the sunkissed melodies and joyous vocals barely befitting a rainy Sunday in July, much less September in Manchester. Californian - where else?! - pop maestros The Little Ones specialise in such fare, their live performances showcasing their role as the happiest band on the planet.

What’s more, it’s hard to believe that ‘Morning Tide’ is the debut album from the Los Angeles quintet, such as it is over a year since EP ‘Sing Song’, and nearly two since the release of debut single, ‘Lovers Who Uncover’. Still, contractual issues aside: July is the perfect time for this record to surface. Months earlier it’d be lost in the April showers. Months late and it’d be far too cold to care.

‘Morning Tide’ is, you see, precisely what you’d expect from The Little Ones, a record designed to soundtrack the sun, and perhaps sea (although a hot July afternoon in London is as close as we’re able to get). Opening number and title track, ‘Morning Tide’, awash with sea-related lyrics, as one might expect, immediately brings smiles, while the tropical sounds of ‘Boracay’ combine with surf-a-like guitars and sweet lyrics to make even the most dedicated urbanite wish they were beachside with a cocktail or three.

Even when the band try something a little different it works - the bluesy sounds of ‘Everybody’s Up To Something’ a definite highlight here, and the self-explanatory ‘Waltz’ fulfils the band’s criteria of inducing dance. And we don’t even know how to waltz.

‘Morning Tide’ might just become outdated when the sun sets, but in capturing the vibe that the likes of The Thrills and The Magic Numbers failed at, and The Shins excel at, The Little Ones have one hell of a trick up their collective - and grinning - sleeves.