The Neu Bulletin (18th January 2013)

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Dan Croll, The Old Blue Last, London (DIY Presents)

Our own DIY Presents show hasn’t been hampered by the snow, and the recently interviewed Dan Croll headlines. Support will come from Cold Crows Dead and Shake Shake Go and it’s entirely free. We might even have heating on in the venue. We’re essentially paying you with music and warmth.

Flamingods, Chalices of the Past - Shacklewell Arms

On the brink of releasing their debut full-length, Flamingods will be bringing an energetic, celebratory set to the Shacklewell Arms. Expect a whole load of flailing arms, potential stage invasions and oddball instruments to grace the show. Support act Chalices of the Past (who we went giddy for the other day) sold out cassettes last year but generally went under the radar.

Gaps - The Void

Elements of Gaps’ ‘The Void’ track make you think of a paganistic existence; one of collecting wood, singing rituals and living some kind of isolated existence in the forest. It’s similar to how Midlake's ‘The Trials of Van Occupanther’ makes you feel if you listen to the album in the right environment. ‘The Void’, though, goes from soft acoustics and lulling harmonies towards a more driven, electronic route. It wouldn’t sound out of place on an UNKLE or Clark record. And it’s a change of faith such as this that convinces you Gaps are here for the long run.

Drenge - Bloodsport

Drenge could’ve gone down the obvious route for their ‘Bloodsport’ video. We were half expecting something way too explicit for your poor consumption on a snowy Friday morning; something gorey, nasty, in your face. Instead the guys have a day at the races and it’s all very pleasant until they all lose their bets and start getting angsty.

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