The Neu Bulletin (1st November 2013)

Anna Meredith and Lyon duo Murmur are today’s new music tips from Neu.

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Anna Meredith supports Youth Lagoon - London, Islington Academy Hall

As if witnessing Trevor Powers and co wasn’t enough of a post-Halloween soother, he’s joined by classically trained experimentalist Anna Meredith. Earlier this week Louise from the office came back from a Moshi Moshi night where Anna Meredith played and said ‘amazing’ lots. This is a good sign.

Murmur - Fire

Lyon-based shadowed duo Murmur sing about being ‘free as a bird’. It’s easy to take their word for it. They sound motioned, without any restrictions. Floating their way through debut song ‘Fire’, there’s a distinct Cloud Boat-style beauty to their restrained, minimal electronic approach. Beyond anything, it’s a choral-sounding track; conceived in wild, spirited grounds.

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