The Peth - The Golden Mile

The Peth - The Golden Mile

The album feels a bit meandering, as if alcohol sodden, or just in a trance.


The Peth is something of a superband, featuring Super Furry Animals drummer Dafydd Ieuan along with Rhys Ifans, who is better known for his acting talents than his musical career. Recorded over a two year period in Cardiff, the album tries to tell various stories all taking place along one particular stretch of road, hence the title: ‘The Golden Mile.’

Unlike the first hesitant, tentative notes of ‘Half a Brain,’ the album opener, which is a mish-mash of instruments and synths and ambient noise, the first single, ‘Let’s Go Fucking Mental,’ is relentless in its tempo. It follows the rhythm of turning wheels with a regular, pig-headed beat. And the album, taking its cue from the single, never seems to relent, pounding steadily away.

Though as far as slow songs go, ‘Honey, Take A Bow’ starts out with a promise, but soon starts to drag; ‘Stonefinger’ is a little whiny. Maybe they should stick with the more upbeat, after all. While ‘Shoot on Sight’ has quite an ear-catching melody, but the whole effect is ruined by muddy vocals. On the upside, ‘Sunset Veranda’ is the best mix of vocals and music, possibly because of the female vocals that compliment Ifans’ raspy mumble, and ‘Last Man Standing’ carries an 80’s vibe and carries it well.

Overall the album feels a bit meandering, as if alcohol sodden, or just in a trance. But it does fulfill the promise of psychedelic rock, one spin through had us dizzy with vertigo.