The Strokes New Material Imminent

Seattle radio station 107.7 The End claims to be listening to a new song, titled ‘All The Time’.

A fifth album from The Strokes wasn’t a done deal - even if there had been reports something was afoot - following the band’s reportedly less-than-great live performances around the release of ‘Angles’ and all those rumours that the band weren’t even in the same studio when recording it.

But, while it’s hardly the ‘quick follow-up’ Nick Valensi suggested was the ‘best thing’ back in April 2011, there just might be some new material coming sooner rather than later.

Seattle radio station 107.7 The End posted on Facebook overnight that they were 'previewing brand new Strokes track 'All The Time' thanks to RCA Records'.

And, as one fan site points out, this is the same station that premiered both 'Machu Picchu' and 'Taken From A Fool' last time around.

Back in June of last year, Billboard had reported that the band were in Electric Lady Studios in New York City working with producer Gus Oberg, who worked on 'Angles' as well as Albert Hammond Jr.'s solo 'Como Te Llama?'.

‘Angles’, the New Yorkers’ fourth album, was released in March 2011. Their last live appearance was in November 2011, where they played a string of festivals in North and South America.

Update: 107.7 The End have posted more about the new Strokes material:

‘As a few of you may have caught wind of, late yeseterday we spilled the beans that we’d had the chance to preview new music from The Strokes. While RCA is keeping most of the details of the forthcoming new full length album (yes, you read that correctly) under wraps, we can tell you that of the two songs we heard, one was a more synth driven track, with the other (the aforementioned, ‘All The Time’) packing a classic strokes sound. No mention of a tour came up, but we can tell you, you’ll be hearing new music from the band sooner than later. More when we can share…’

Update #2: Billboard have confirmed ‘All The Time’ will be The Strokes’ next single, and is taken from a fifth album set to be released ‘later this year’.