Topspin Boss Accidentally Reveals Plans to Join Dr. Dre Streaming Service

Topspin boss Ian Rogers has leaked plans to leave the music marketing company and lead the forthcoming Beats by Dre streaming service, codenamed Daisy”.”

Topspin boss Ian Rogers has accidentally leaked his plans to leave his music marketing company and lead the forthcoming Beats by Dre streaming service, codenamed ‘Daisy’.

A post outlining his decision to leave Topspin, which makes marketing tools for musicians, was posted to his blog but quickly deleted, presumably so a formal announcement can be made. Thanks to Google, the full post is still available online.

Daisy is shaping up to be a serious contender in the music streaming space, and it hasn’t even launched yet. It’s an offshoot of Dr. Dre’s ‘Beats by Dre’ company, and has even recruited Nine Inch Nails main man Trent Reznor to make sure the final product is up to scratch.

In December, Reznor complained that streaming alternatives like Spotify give you access to millions of songs but leave you to stumble around and find new music for yourself. Daisy aims to solve that with a mix of new technology and, unusually, human input from tastemakers who are better than computers at seeing the ties between certain genres and artists. If it works, it could leave other services like Spotify and Rdio scrambling to catch up — which means better music discovery for the rest of us.

‘As great as it is to have all this information bombarding you, there’s a real value in trusted filters,’ Reznor told Rolling Stone at the time. ‘It’s like having your own guy when you go into the record store, who knows what you like but can also point you down some paths you wouldn’t necessarily have encountered.’

In the deleted post, Rogers added that Beats will make a ‘strategic investment’ in Topspin, which will be tightly integrated into Daisy when it launches in early 2013.

There’s also a slim chance that Daisy will be the first streaming service to offer CD-quality music streams. Jimmy Iovine, the music industry don from Interscope is also on the Beats team, and has been talking up the commercial potential for 24-bit audio (that’s pristine CD-quality to us) since 2011. That’s just speculation, but if anything is clear, 2013 will be an interesting year for digital music.